Two opponents face off against each other as they attempt to destroy each others castles with cannon fire. 


Each castle has mounting spots to add canons. The player controls canons with remote. Rotate to rotate canon and press trigger to fire canon. 


Castles consist of little pieces. As each canonball hits the castle. Collision detection turns on gravity of the castle piece and allows it to fall. The program tracks the "health" of groups of peices and once enough are destroyed it triggers and explosion of that group. Once enough groups "health" reaches a certain level, the whole castle explodes. 

Level Up

You are able to drag out a handle (green rectangle in top image) to build new walls. Let go of handle once you reach the desired length of the wall you want. In future releases this will be tied to the amount of "resources" you have. You will also be able to use these "resources" to repair your wall. 

End Game

The game ends once you eliminate the opponents castle. Future release will add more art as well as ability to add canons and have them fire automatically. 

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